Things to do in Russia

If you think that taking a vacation in Russia means only getting to see vast acreage of snow and ice then you are sorely mistaken. Russia is home to many flora and fauna that can only be found in this amazingly diverse country. Of course, if your trip is to Siberia in winter, that’s a different matter entirely, you really may have a lot of snow and ice in your future.

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If you get the planta app, then if you spot something you like the look of, simply scan it and it will tell you exactly what the plant is and how best to look after it. This means you can get one of your own when you are back home and you will know how to keep it alive, what type of soil it needs, how often it needs watering and basically everything you need to see that plant thrive. The best part of this is you will have a very unique memory of your holiday in Russia to look at every day.

Things to do in Russia
Russia is huge, it is the largest country in the world and it is home to almost 150 million people. Therefore, there are lots of places to visit and so many things to do. Here we have narrowed down just a few for you, so when you have finished plant spotting you can take in a little sightseeing too.

• Red Square – perhaps the most iconic area of Moscow and no doubt the most photographed, Red Square is visited by thousands of tourists every day. Any trip to Russia would not be complete without a visit here, and if you are lucky you will get to see a military parade, or if you plan right, enjoy the New Year celebrations here!

• The Kremlin – Just a stone’s throw from Red Square is the Kremlin, Russia’s seat of government. Some areas are open for public viewing, but you may need to book in advance.

• Alexander Gardens – before you say goodbye to Moscow, and a short walk from both Red Square and the Kremlin is a stunning park right in the center of the city. The Alexander Gardens is actually 3 separate park areas, and are perfect for a touch plant spotting with the planta app

• Sochi – Sochi, located on the Black Sea is a popular summer destination due to the amazing pebble beaches and sub-tropical climate. The area has many resorts so there is sure to be something to suit your taste and budget.

Other notable places to visit include the Faberge Museum in St Petersburg and The Summer Garden, also in St Petersburg.

One great way to see a lot of the country easily, including places that would not be in the usual tourist trails is the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is the longest railway line in the world, covering nearly 7,000 miles if you include the Mongolia excursion too (which would be highly recommended)!


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