Author: Rebecka

Traditional Russian Food and Drink

  Russian cuisine may not be world renowned, but there are a lot of delicacies that are well worth trying. A diet that was born out of a necessity to survive harsh conditions has evolved into modern Russian cuisine. Potatoes are eaten almost daily, along with a variety of soups, fish, meat, salads and dumplings. Traditional […]

Traveling through Russia

  For such a large country, there are surprisingly few land based travel options if you want to go from end to end. The most famous, romantic method of traveling this huge country is by taking the train. Trans Siberian Railway This majestic railway line stretches for almost 9,300 km between Moscow and Vladivostok in […]

Life in a Small Russian Town

  In a country where a population of 600,000 makes for a small town, it’s interesting to take a quick look at life from a Russian perspective. Home Most Russians live in apartment blocks. Older buildings are typically five stories high and are known as Khrushchyovkas, while more modern buildings can be as high 25 […]