Life in a Small Russian Town


In a country where a population of 600,000 makes for a small town, it’s interesting to take a quick look at life from a Russian perspective.


Most Russians live in apartment blocks. Older buildings are typically five stories high and are known as Khrushchyovkas, while more modern buildings can be as high 25 storeys. A one bedroom apartment costs around $30,000.


A typical blue collar worker will earn around $170 a month, while engineers might earn up to $500. Salaries of up to $1000 a month are possible for higher positions such as factory or construction foreman.

Getting around

Around half of the town’s population rely on public transport, including trams, trains and marshrutka – a minibus of sorts. The roads are frequently in a state of disrepair, though they are maintained as best as possible. Few Russians want to buy local car brands, with the majority looking to buy foreign cars. As such, there are many foreign car factories throughout Russia.

Health and education

Both are free in Russia, and anyone who passes school exams is eligible for university. All men must serve one year in the military however.


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