Improving Hygiene in Your Russian Home

Social distancing, hand washing, and sanitization are some of the vocabularies that now rule our speeches in an era where Covid-19 has become a thorn in our flesh. And with the pandemic having threatened to bring the entire world to its knees, Russia has not been spared either. It has been rumored that the country enforced some of the most draconian policies in the fight against Covid. Whether or not Vladimir Putin ordered the release of lions to enforce the lockdown in the country is a story for another day. Let me dwell on the gist of this article; hygiene.

Covid or no Covid, hygiene has always been an important aspect of life, not just in Russia but also in all countries worldwide. If you live in Russia and want to improve hygiene in your home or in the workplace, it is now easier to do so than before.

Use Soap Dispensers

Gone are the days when you had to carry soap (handwash, bar soap, or otherwise) in your bag. With a soap dispenser, work has been made easier. Thanks to smart brains out there (and the world has never been short of such people), there is now the so-called soap dispenser, an ingenious device that uses a lever pump to dispense soap for proper sanitization, even in your home. Wondering where to find this device? You can easily buy one online at Royal Design.

Choose from a Variety

At Royal Design, you will find two types of soap dispenser, which are automatic and manual soap dispensers. The former comes furnished with a sensor, which allows it to dispense soap automatically without you having to operate it. All you need to do is put your hand at the dispenser, and it will sense and release the soap. On the other hand, the manual dispenser requires you to exert some pressure on the handle for the soap to come out.

Royal Design’s soap dispensers come in various designs to complement your home’s Russian-inspired style. They are made from high-quality materials, including steel, stainless steel, silicone, plastic, metal, and ceramic. You will want to choose what works for you, and who does not want something that lasts? When it comes to color, this where it becomes even more enjoyable. Choose from white, transparent, silver, red, pink, gray, gold, brown, brass, blue, black, or beige colors. Color is vital in complementing the theme of your home.


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