Must Visit Beaches In Russia

Known for its fascinating architecture and art – not to mention rich heritage attractions, expansive desserts, high mountains, and geysers – Russia is a true stunner. On top of these awesome features are stunning beaches, which makes the country a must-visit for people who value adventure. And while many people are quick to associate the former Soviet Union with Arctic conditions, its vast coastline, which measures about 23,600 miles, cannot be overlooked. If you are looking to have the best beach experience in Russia, you should consider narrowing down your options to the following:

Lake Baikal

This one is known for many facts. For one, no lake under the sun beats this one when it comes to depth (measuring approximately 5,380 ft). Historians argue that no other lake has been in existence longer than Baikal. These facts alone make the lake worth of a visit. Thanks to its size, the lake plays host to several awesome beaches where you can swim, sunbathe, and have fun. If you are keen enough, you may get to set your eyes on one of the rarest freshwater seals, the Baikal Seal.

Beach Club

Located in Moscow, Beach Club is one of the most popular destinations for Moscow residents who seek a foreign resort feeling. If the rumours are anything to go by, the beach’s fine sand was imported, which further tells you that it is held in high esteem. There is a zone for VIPs and one for regular visitors, ensuring the enjoyment of everyone is covered irrespective of their social or financial status. There is secure parking, and the guards here are extra vigilant, so you don’t have to worry about your luggage in the storage room.

Repino Beach

Equipped with almost everything that a classy beach ought to have, Repino is a nice place to swim, sunbathe, and rejuvenate while on your vacation. Grab a snack or seafood at any of the stalls found here, and take advantage of the cabanas and showers. If volleyball is your thing, hit the court and have fun in the company of other visitors. To say the least, Repino is one of the most beautiful beaches you can find in Russia. Surely, this wouldn’t be a beach to miss.

Podrezovo Beach

It is set in Russia’s capital, Moscow. If you are looking for a real visual treat, then this is the beach to visit. The water here is clear, while the sand is white. With plenty of seafood stalls erected here, you can never go hungry.

Whilst Russia may not be thought of as a beach holiday hot-spot by potential tourists, the reputation of the beaches listed above show that it’s definitely time that it was.


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