Russian Architecture and Stylish Art

Russian architecture is steeped in religious culture and is influenced by the country’s history. It is world-renowned for featuring sloped roofs, exquisite design features and perhaps most famously domes. Often called onion domes, they originally featured over wooden churches, but the purists say that their design is strictly utilitarian. This was because they prevented heavy snow from gathering on building’s roofs. Their original buildings were made of rough-hewn wooden planks with little stone, glass or metal. Russian houses are locally called Dachas, and this word is prevalent throughout the Russian states. If you enjoy the splendour of Russian architecture, you will no doubt be a devotee of the finer things in life, such as the Iittala and Alessi range of household decor offered by Royal Design.

Why Consider Royal Design and Alessi?

Royal Design features one of the largest selections of Italian design house Alessi products. These include authentic Italian-inspired kitchenware, glassware, cookware, tableware and home decorations. Designed in the same mould as authentic Russian architecture, it is intended to be elegant, stylish and functional. If you are looking for the best, then Alessi is the range for you. Royal Design features a host of Alessi products. Since the company has over 300 different designers, you are guaranteed to find something to match your exacting tastes. Their selection of Alessi designs is packed with unique creativity and unusual features such as the mahogany Five Seasons scent diffuser, Girotondo table lamp shaped like a gingerbread man or the Merdolino toilet brush in the guise of a potted plant. Other objects worthy of mention are the Officina Kettle designed by Richard Sapper and the La Stanza bowl created by renowned artist Mario Trimarchi. Check out Royal Design’s website for the full range of Alessi products which also feature the littala range of household decor.


Russian architecture is unique in its style and often features very bright and colourful painted roofs, friezes and doorways. Undoubtedly it is best known for its outlandish domed structures and, in particular, the ornate variety. Perhaps the most famous example is Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow’s Red Square. This renowned Russian institution is also where the Kremlin and Lenin’s Tomb are situated. You can embrace your love of Russian architecture by visiting Russia but don’t forget to check out the range of Alessi products featured in the Royal Design store. For any lover of classic style and creativity, they are the perfect choice for your home.


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