The Right Sofa Covers For Russian Homes

When designing the interior of a Russian home one of the first things to consider is the furniture. These items will fill the room space and ultimately affect the entire atmosphere. The sofa covers will be particularly important as the occupants will rest on them often. It is therefore crucial that people designing Russian homes choose a high quality sofa cover from Bemz.

This company is trusted and well known for providing IKEA slipcovers. They also sell chairs, tables and numerous other pieces of décor which would look fantastic in a Russian home.

Distinctly European

Whilst Russian home designs are certainly inspired by traditional national customs there are also often influences from other European nations. This includes both the eastern and western sides of the continent. Nordic home design has become particularly popular within Russian. It is fair to say that the products from Bemz are distinctly European. Many of them are from IKEA, Sweden’s most well known company.


The Russian living room tends to have a very consistent colour scheme. This will make every element of the room appear orderly. Therefore one of the first tasks of the designer is to decide on a colour and stick to it. Bemz provides sofa covers in a wide variety of hues. These include white, black, red, pink, blue and orange. The designer can also pick a cover that will fit a specific IKEA model in the colour of their choice.

Machine Washable

Since these covers will be used regularly within an active Russian household it is very important that they can be washed in a conventional home washing machine. This is certainly the case for the ones provided by Bemz. Homeowners will be able to wash them regularly without having to resort to taking them to an expensive specialist.

3 Year Guarantee

Russian households need to be cost effective. This is particularly true for ones that contain large families. The sofa covers used in these houses should provide longevity. Bemz has a 3 year guarantee on its products. They also offer free shipping for orders that are over £200. For this reason their services are likely to appeal to a large number of customers not just within Russia, but also the rest of Europe.

Free Samples

Sometimes designers of Russian homes like to get samples of fabrics they are thinking of using. This allows them to get a better sense of what the textures of the furniture will look and feel like. It is useful to ask for free samples from Bemz for this purpose. Doing so will be very handy for anyone unsure what fabric works best for their interior.


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