The Superstitious Russians

Russia is the world’s largest country by area. The country has the longest railway and is home to the world’s largest McDonald’s. One of the fun facts about Russia is that the people are too superstitious. A recent survey indicated that 52% of Russians believed in prophetic dreams, omens, and astrology. In this article, find […]

The Right Sofa Covers For Russian Homes

When designing the interior of a Russian home one of the first things to consider is the furniture. These items will fill the room space and ultimately affect the entire atmosphere. The sofa covers will be particularly important as the occupants will rest on them often. It is therefore crucial that people designing Russian homes […]

Capturing Your Trip To Russia

Being able to enjoy everything that Russia has to offer can be a wonderful experience. It may not be considered to be one of the traditional hotspots when it comes to vacation destinations, but it has so much to offer. The history and architecture is magnificent and learning about the culture can be a new […]

Improving Hygiene in Your Russian Home

Social distancing, hand washing, and sanitization are some of the vocabularies that now rule our speeches in an era where Covid-19 has become a thorn in our flesh. And with the pandemic having threatened to bring the entire world to its knees, Russia has not been spared either. It has been rumored that the country […]

Must Visit Beaches In Russia

Known for its fascinating architecture and art – not to mention rich heritage attractions, expansive desserts, high mountains, and geysers – Russia is a true stunner. On top of these awesome features are stunning beaches, which makes the country a must-visit for people who value adventure. And while many people are quick to associate the […]

Natalia Vodianova Is The Most Famous Russian Supermodel

Natalia Vodianova is a Russian-born supermodel and her nickname is “Supernova”. Her angelic face, dreamy blue eyes and her lithe build catapulted her to international stardom. For years now, Natalia has used her fame and fortune to help Russian children. Her charity, The Naked Heart Foundation, builds playgrounds and advocates for children who have special […]

Russian Winter Holidays

Winter is the coldest season in both the North and South pole as well as countries in the temperate regions. Russia is a country that experiences winter sometime between the months of November to around March. The major highlight of this season is usually in December, a time when there are many festivities including Christmas […]

Lake Baikal – The World’s Deepest Lake

Russia is famous for many things, and one of the most stunning is Lake Baikal. The oldest lake in the world, this remote, crescent shaped freshwater lake is in south eastern Siberia and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. It stretches for nearly 400 miles and is more than 1637m (5000 feet) […]

Russia Is Famous For More Than Just Vodka

Speaking of the largest country in the world, it is Russia itself. Covering more than one-seventh of the total land area, it is a country which is surrounded by no less than twelve different seas and oceans. There are eleven time zones spanning the country, which means constant time changes. Add to that, one of […]

Three Must See Russian Cities

  With over a 1,100 cities and towns in Russia, it can be difficult to choose where to visit. Every city offers something different and they vary in terms of architecture and culture. St Petersburg Frequently likened to European cities in terms of style, the city of white nights and the midnight sun is a […]