Russia Is Famous For More Than Just Vodka

Speaking of the largest country in the world, it is Russia itself. Covering more than one-seventh of the total land area, it is a country which is surrounded by no less than twelve different seas and oceans. There are eleven time zones spanning the country, which means constant time changes. Add to that, one of the oldest cultures of the world, and you have a place which any tourist would love to go. It is indeed a Disneyland of the real world. The alcoholic beverage vodka is only one of the many famous things native to Russia.

The Culture Makes Russia Stand Out

The Russian culture is undoubtedly the richest in the world. This culture has produced excellent writers like Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky, revered as the best writers and philosophers in the world. Vodka is, of course, the most famous beverage which was first made in Russia. The name is from Russian “Voda” which means water, and that is exactly how the Russians drink it! Many brands from Russia are famous all over the world, which includes Stolichnaya vodka, Dovgan vodka and Rodnik Vodka. The Smirnoff brand also originated in Russia, but the owner later shifted to England after the Russian Revolution. There is a great deal of competition between these companies and recently Smirnoff has released a new ad campaign which mocks Donald Trump and his ties to Russia.

Art Forms Which Make Russia Famous

In the art world, ballet is the contribution from Russia. This dance form has captivated the world with its unique style and beautiful ballerinas. These dancers are the inspiration behind the development of many different dance forms like Italian ballet, Romantic ballet and much more. The dancers have extremely flexible bodies and fluid movements, which make the dance beautiful. Another famous Russian product is the Matryoshkas. These dolls are made from wood and are popular as collectables throughout the world. They are not just normal wooden dolls, but a set of six different sizes which fit into each other. The size of dolls goes on decreasing and each one is a kind of bottle made of two parts. You can find them in the rare collectables at


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